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Children, teenagers and young adults can benefit from therapy for school stress, such as homework, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure. Children may also, just like adults, need help learning how to talk about and express their feelings in relation to family issues, in relation to major life changes as well as with general worries. Some children need help talking about their feelings in relation to major transitions such as bereavement, divorce, move, or serious illness.

Children and Child counselling – handing Mental Health Risks

Child and Teen face specific challenges during their phases of development which are worked through during the process of growing up. However, if an event, situation or a challenge is extremely difficult or distressing this can lead to a child or teen showing mental health issues. It is possible for mental health issues to manifest as a result of distressing life events such as bereavement, particularly the death of a family member, physical or sexual abuse, poverty or homelessness or domestic violence. Less extreme situations can cause mental health issues to manifest particularly when they occur in quick succession or at once. These situations may include; moving home or school, being bullied, extra responsibility and parental divorce or separation.

Age and gender can influence a child or teen’s ability to cope with and bound-back from life changes. As an example it has been seen that younger children usually adjust more easily to their parents’ separation of divorce than older children. Mental Health issues, such as bipolar, which can run in families can lead to affected children and teens having a harder time adjusting to pressures and challenges.

It may not be clear what’s caused a child to suddenly seem withdrawn or worried. Therapy for children and teens focuses on building self-esteem and improving relationships and communication. Child therapists are experts at helping children cope with stress, develop problem-solving skills, a strong sense of self, self-esteem and emotional strength.

Child therapists can help children cope with issues and worries whilst improving their relationship and communication skills.


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