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Any intimate relationship can encounter conflict and disagreements. Couples counselling and therapy is used to help both partners address conflicts and improve their relationship, to assist with thoughts related to important decisions, gaining a better understanding of your partner as well as tackling specific relationship issues such as anger, substance abuse, sexual or communication problems. It may be that one individual within the partnership has initially sought counselling in relation to their own personal issues or to something related to their relationship. The decision to follow-up with couples counselling usually comes from one partner initially and a qualified therapist can assist with showing the partner who has been brought into counselling the benefits of therapy.

Couples counselling helps with 

Couples counselling helps partners with building strategies for achieving good communication, happiness as well as handling specific issues such as anger, infidelity, money or sex. Partners hoping to enter into a long and happy relationship need to take into consideration and discuss their beliefs and desires regarding family and children, work and career, religion and spirituality, money and wealth, ageing and retirement, health and fitness as well as their core values. The more a couple can align these beliefs and desires the easier the path of their relationship. There is always a need for negotiation and compromise and premarital counselling can assist each partner with their willing to participate within the negotiation process.

Couples counselling or therapy can help with couples looking to get married who want to work out differences before marriage. Talking about your problems with a couples’ counsellor might not be easy, however the decision to seek help and talk could be the key to building strong relationship foundations as well as to saving your relationship.

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