Therapists specialising in Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

It a fact of life that fights and conflicts can occur, occasionally, within a relationship or marriage. However, if your health and well-being feel under threat from conflicts within your relationship then it may be time to consult with a professsional for help. Counsellors who specialise in couples counseling can support you and your partner to find ways of improving your happiness and communication as well as focus on any specific area of conflict such as anger, work, money, sex, trust or family relationships. Couples counselling is a way of supporting you and your partner to reaching a mutual decision to consider separation or divorce.

Couples in disagreements, arguments and past grievances

Often couples may find their relationships being confronted by the same argument. Often one partner sees these recurring arguments as being nagged by their loved one. It is crucial to get to the bottom of these recurring issues as with time they can worsen or seriously damage the relationship. Often couples find it difficult to know who started an argument and often disagreements can become hostile disputes and lead to fierce arguments. Often partners will raise past grievances as weapons during an argument which can cause hostility. These muddled and complicated emotional situations can lead partners and the couple to feel overwhelmed by despair, hopelessness and a sense that the relationship is ruined and over. A trained therapist can assist couple by mediating and helping them to be less emotionally reactive in order to remain objective and recognise the part they are playing.

Couples counselling helps with 

Couples counselling helps partners with building strategies for achieving good communication, happiness as well as handling specific issues such as anger, infidelity, money or sex. Partners hoping to enter into a long and happy relationship need to take into consideration and discuss their beliefs and desires regarding family and children, work and career, religion and spirituality, money and wealth, ageing and retirement, health and fitness as well as their core values. The more a couple can align these beliefs and desires the easier the path of their relationship. There is always a need for negotiation and compromise and premarital counselling can assist each partner with their willing to participate within the negotiation process.


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