Therapists specialising in Cultural and Systemic Oppression

Cultural and Systemic Oppression

Any form of Cultural and Systemic Oppression, be it racist, cultural or patriarchal can have an extremely negative effect on your sense of identity and life. The term Systemic oppression refers to the oppression or mistreatment of individuals belonging to a specific group which is often supported and enforced within an institution, such as school or work, or within society.  A counsellor can focus on guiding and supporting you in understanding any oppressive situation you have experienced and its influence on your life.

What is Cultural and Systemic Oppression

As examples of cultural and systemic oppression we have included the following: Societies which see women as the property of their fathers or husbands are seen as societies within which women are oppressed.  Within some societies people of certain races or genders are oppressed through denial of opportunities or of equality according to the law. It may be that members of a particular society relocate, or form new communities, and that existing and historical forms of systemic oppression are brought with the constituents of the community. Some of the communities forms of oppression may already exist, or be adopted by, the majority society. However, when these forms of oppression not exist within the majority culture and this can lead to conflict between cultures and communities as well as adding further anxiety and issues to those suffering and witnessing these forms of oppression.

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