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Lucy Rowett
Your Professional Title
Clinical sexologist and sex and relationship coach
Certified Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist
About Me
I'm a Clinical Sexologist and sex and relationship coach.

I know how scary it can feel to ask for help with your intimate life and relationship, so let me reassure you that you're in the right place!

I am passionate about empowering you to release shame and embrace real pleasure. My goal is to help you experience the intimacy and connection you really want in your relationship- both with your partner or spouse and with yourself too! My specialty is helping women experiencing low desire or libido, body image concerns, or in sexless relationships to rediscover their eroticism and sensuality.. With me you can learn new skills to gain confidence sexually, and also in relationships and dating.

I work specifically with your sexuality and intimate life, which many other forms of therapy often leave out. I believe that your sexuality is an intrinsic part of who you are, and I honour this.

I was trained by the original pioneer of sex coaching, Dr. Patti Britton, and am passionate about all things human sexuality, gender, intimacy, desire, and relationships.

I am proudly sex-positive and offer you a truly non-judgmental and non-pathologizing space to explore who you are as a sexual being. As a professional member of World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS), my priority is to keep up to date with the latest research, approaches, and information in sexology (which is the study of human sexual behaviour, and how we think and feel about it).

I am Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversity friendly, kink-friendly, poly-friendly, and sex-worker friendly. I engage in ongoing professional training and supervision, and am fully insured.
My Therapeutic Approach
I am specifically a sex and relationship coach and clinical sexologist. This means my approach is goal-oriented, sex-positive, non-pathologizing, empowering, holistic, and person-centered. A big component of my work is giving you the sex education that you never received in high school, with an emphasis on pleasure and consent. I focus on helping you to build body awareness and to become truly embodied. I do everything I can to create a safe, confidential, and welcoming space for you to explore your sexual concerns, and move you towards what you really want. Sessions are talk-only, but also often include breathing exercises, movement exercises, journaling, artwork or resource recommendations. I am friendly, approachable, and easy to get on with. Sessions may involve laughing and giggling, sighing, crying, or venting frustration. All emotions are welcome, and you may usually find that they are much more fun than you think. I like to keep an element of humour and playfulness in sessions because sex is always much more pleasurable when it's fun. A key part of the sex coaching process is home assignments, as you need to be pro-active in your journey. These will usually be very fun and pleasurable and exercises you can practice alone and with your partner.
My Background
I have trained in clinical sexology, sexual diversity, co-active coaching, person-centered counselling, and in energy work. I am a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS).

I engage in ongoing professional development both with COSRT and AASECT, in alternative therapies and conscious sexuality.

I have completed 2 live SAR trainings, which are considered the international gold-standard in human sexuality training.
Type of Therapy
Holistic, Humanistic
Client Type
Individuals, Couples
Type of Session
Long Term (Face to Face), Short Term (Face to Face), Skype, Online Therapy, Telephone