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I grew up abroad and worked for various NGOs internationally, which led me into the mental health sector. There I discovered neurofeedback training, which I've experienced as the most effective and least invasive method achieving the strongest results.

AlzheimersAutismDissociative Disorder (DD)Drug Dependence / Abuse / AddictionInsomniaLearning DisorderSelf-EsteemSexual AbuseSocial PhobiaTrauma

Neurofeedback is a safe, proven, non-invasive, drug-free approach to improving mental and emotional capacity. We start with a brain map, which shows us which brain areas are well-integrated as well as those in need of training. We rely on a smooth interfacing of specialised brain areas and networks to shape our pre-conscious sensory processing. If certain brain areas lack integration, pathologies result, and we can improve motivation, focus, sleep and mood regulation with neurofeedback training. Training is a pleasant process: While the client watches a movie of choice, sensors - applied comfortably on the head with a washable paste - measure EEG which gets analysed real-time. When undesired patterns are detected, the volume drops slightly and the brain pre-consciously adapts its behaviour to restore continuity of the film. The brain learns a more efficient behaviour pattern in session, which it can then apply in social settings and work. Neurofeedback training works well with most mental health issues and sleep disorders. It is non-invasive and does not require counselling or other intrusions, though it can effectively complement other therapeutic approaches. See my website for more information: https://www.neurofeedback.io

I have studied neurofeedback under direct supervision of several founders of the field in Los Angeles, and practiced in a variety of locations before settling in Brighton. I have extensive experience working with trauma patients, autistic children and adults, schizophrenia patients and peak performers.

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