Yvonne Power

Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer & Tarot Reader

Certified Reiki Level 2 & Certified Tarot Reader

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I am a modern mystic, life coach and energy healer. I have a huge passion for the divination arts and my soul purpose is to help people develop a deeper soul connection and to heal unresolved trauma and self limiting beliefs so that they can live their best life.

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Through my coaching and healing sessions, I help people access their own inner wisdom, so they continuously make the most aligned choices, so they can live authentically, live the life they came here to live, a soul led life. I do that through subconscious mind reprogramming, inner child healing, shadow work, meditation, energy healing and tarot reading. I offer individual life coaching sessions and energy healing sessions. I currently offer the following coaching and therapy packages: 'Stepping into Your True Potential' This coaching package covers everything that is needed in order to step into your true potential: 6 hours coaching – (1.5 hour per week) over 4 weeks or 12 hours coaching over 8 weeks Online via Zoom or in person sessions in Brighton or Hove, UK. Coaching sessions will include the following: *Identifying karmic patterns and subconscious blocks using tarot cards *Clearing karmic patterns and subconscious blocks through shadow work and inner child healing *Working with the Archetypes and learning how to integrate the archetypal energy into your energy field so that you can reach your true potential *Identifying your soul purpose and the lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime *Learning to develop a deeper soul connection so that you can live a soul led life *Customised meditations *Customised tarot spreads to help align you with your true potential. *Intuition development *Learning to cultivate more self-love. *Homework exercises *Long distance reiki healing I also offer an Inner Child Therapy 8 week program This program covers the following: *Identifying karmic patterns and subconscious blocks using tarot cards *Clearing karmic patterns and subconscious blocks through Inner child healing techiques & subconscious programming. *The subconscious mind, how it works and how to reprogram it *Meditations for reclaiming each stage of development of the inner child *Getting in touch with ‘the wonder child’ *Cultivating more self love *Homework exercises *Long distance reiki healing

4 years ago, after experiencing some very traumatic events, I was catapulted onto a spiritual path and this was the beginning of my own inner healing journey which has led me to my true calling which is to help people on their inner healing and self discovery journey. I trained in Reiki and crystal healing 4 years ago. I started to study tarot 3 years ago after synchronistically meeting a Psychic Medium tarot reader who became my mentor. A year later, I became a certified tarot reader and began reading tarot professionally. I have since created my own online tarot courses and I host tarot and intuition workshops both online and in person in Brighton.

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