Harriet Bartley

IFS Therapy Practitioner | Coach+ | Clinical Aromatherapist


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IFS Therapy Practitioner L1, Coach, Resilience Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapist: With experience from educational, NHS, prison and business settings, I offer a non-judgemental, tailored approach. As an experienced mental health and wellbeing practitioner, I am passionate about the deep healing capacity of the IFS paradigm. I support people with concerns including ACE; trauma; anxiety; anger; low mood; narcissistic abuse. Also influenced by Human Givens therapy. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss your needs.

AbuseAdjustment DisorderAnxietyCareer CounselingCoachingContemplativeDepressionHistorical TraumaInterpersonalLoss or GriefMindfulness-basedPanic AttacksPersonal GrowthPersonality DisordersRelationship / Marriage IssuesSelf-EsteemSexual AbuseTrauma

If you are looking to improve your mental, emotional and physical health or to make changes to your personal or professional life, Virtuessence can support you in finding natural balance and gaining sustainable growth and fulfilment. ​ Individual IFS Therapy, Coaching and Theraputic/Clinical Massage offer intuitive approaches for better understanding of self, better self -care and ultimately to enhance our overall wellbeing. ​ I engage with clients to: Develop long-term Enhanced Wellbeing; Explore Innate Strengths & Wisdom; Improve Mental, Emotional and Physical Health; Understand and Experience the Freedom of Genuine Self-Leadership. Together we will create a plan tailored to your situation. **Please do get in contact via the email / phone options above for your complimentary 20 minutes consultation to discuss your needs and aims. **

Over 20 years spent working with people and businesses across the social & commercial spectrum have proved inestimably valuable and rewarding. Utilising my diverse experience, skill-set and qualifications, I have been successfully working with clients around the globe and facilitating their self-growth, positively impacting both home and work lives. If you recognise a need for personal or professional development, or to improve your mental, emotional or physical health, please contact me. My services aim to focus clarity around innate strengths, core motivations and authentic achievement, enabling you to grow and flourish. I also engage with clients to develop long-term resilience, self-compassion & to enable you to thrive. Happiness via genuine understanding, grounded positivity & grit enables success at home, at work and for our communities. ACE & Trauma Informed. Massage: Relax and Revive I have been studying and practising therapeutic and clinical massage for the past 17 years. As well as being a relaxing experience, a good massage can help you take care of yourself by releasing trauma and stuck emotions, increasing blood circulation, flushing toxins via the lymphatic system and stimulating muscles and nerves. Just allowing yourself to be peaceful and calm can change the way you think and feel. Specially chosen oils can support the improvement of physical, mental and emotional health conditions. Massage is for everyone and should overall, be an enjoyable experience, whatever your aim. Complimentary 20 minute consultation offered -please contact me to arrange

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  • Human Givens Psychotherapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
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