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I am a hypnotherapist who focuses on making clients feel better in the moment or to help them realise their goals through focus and motivation. This can mean helping someone stop smoking, feel less anxious or to get motivated for a long term project. I am passionate about how effective hypnotherapy can be in areas that may not be obvious and it's power to deliver results reasonably quickly improving the day to day experience of clients.

Aging ConcernsAnxietyBurn OutCoachingDepressionInsomniaMen’s IssuesPanicPanic AttacksPersonal GrowthSelf-EsteemSexual ProblemsSocial Phobia

I believe in a collaborative approach to therapy, fully transparent and with a focus on control and empowerment for my clients. Hypnotherapy may be a new experience for you, so I want to make you totally comfortable and fully relaxed so you can experience and enjoy the benefits fully. I create and evolve new material specific to your needs and in response to our discussions so it will always be just for you.

I have degree in psychology, worked in people management and human resources for many years. I am well versed in managing mental health at work and coaching/mentoring. Along with my Hypnotherapy qualification I have certificates in Hypnosis for Children (I am DBS cleared) and Mental Health First Aid in the workplace or education setting

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  • Hypnotherapy
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