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Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Focusing Practitioner

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In person sessions and online. Feeling stuck in your life? Maybe anxious, afraid about the future, experiencing depression, confusion, indecision or have lost the real you? I bring kindness, warmth and hope and various ways we can work together. All my work is 'experiential' which means listening to what's happening, within you, in the present moment, and tapping into your inner resources. Together we can untangle what's going on so you feel relief and can go on and forwards in your life. Sessions £55/60. Free initial 20-30 mins chat over Zoom or phone.

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My core training (2012-2016) was in the person-centred approach of Carl Rogers. My priority is to provide you with a safe space where you are met with kindness and welcomed in all aspects of yourself and your life situation and not be judged. I work in an 'experiential' way, and this is tailored specifically to you rather than being a one-size-fits-all. Before I trained as a counsellor, I already had training in 'Focusing'. ( Focusing is a very gentle way of being with how an issue feels within us. It can be a bodily sense - for example a tightness in the chest or anxiety in our middle - and it can be surprising that we are able to feel where our issue is located. Just making contact with ourselves in this way with what is really important for us is a helpful step - people are often surprised that this feels hopeful in itself, especially with issues or feelings that have felt impossible to change. I encourage my clients to see what comes when they slow down a little and see how the issue is for them right now. People regularly get an image or a metaphor or a gesture or movement that shows their problem, or what they are longing for. Memories can come to mind that are helpful - often what we are experiencing currently links with something in the past that has been unresolved. I can help you to slow down and access this helpful way of working. Focusing can be particularly useful when we're not sure what we’re feeling or why; when we experience difficult emotional states; with internal (or external) conflict, indecision, procrastination or self-sabotage. It can also aid creativity and bring a feeling of resourcefulness. I have some helpful ways of working in my therapy toolbox. I work in a very similar way - with parts of self - to Dick Schwartz's "Internal Family Systems". This includes working with childhood and other wounded or burdened parts of us (can be called ‘inner child’ work). I am experienced in helping people work with childhood trauma and where you are safe throughout. I am very open to using art materials as part of therapy sessions. You are welcome to have an introductory session with me, or initial chat over Zoom or phone, to explore what might be most helpful for you. As well as counselling, you can come and experience a guided focusing session, or we can work in a coaching way, eg with a particular outcome or resolve particular issues. I am currently training to be a Clean Language facilitator and coach (

Over the 8 years I've been a counsellor, clients have given me consistent feedback that they've felt understood, cared about and were able to share things with me that had felt difficult before. I offer various experiential ways of working that can get the the heart of what you're dealing with and offer you new ways forward, whether that is understanding yourself better, taming your inner critic or finding ways out of depression and anxiety that might be thwarting your life. I deeply understand that so many people feel some, or a lot of, shame with what they're going through or cannot manage by themselves. Somehow we are not good enough, we've failed, we're putting on a good front or mask. And actually you may not be able to do that anymore, because things have got overwhelming. I've been counselling people since 2014 and supported people with focusing for 12 years.

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  • Depth Therapy
  • Experiential
  • Holistic
  • Humanistic
  • Integrative
  • Mindfulness
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered)
  • Transpersonal Psychology
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