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I trained with CPHT. I believe in guiding people towards self-empowerment. I help people to make positive changes. I work in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is based in neuroscience and takes elements of CBT, mindfulness, and psychotherapy to help people make changes that will last. I offer a free consultation in which I discuss how our brains work, why we may suffer from various issues and what can be done about it. If we continue on each session is £75 or I offer a pre-booked block of 6 sessions for £62.50 each. For NHS staff there is a discount of 20%. I have helped people with phobias, anxiety problems, self-confidence, as well as stopping smoking. Please feel free to message and book a free consultation today. I work online or face to face.

AnxietyBody Image IssuesBurn OutDepressionDivorceEating DisorderFeministInsomniaLoss or GriefObesityPanicPanic AttacksParentingRelationalSelf-EsteemSocial PhobiaWomen’s Issues

I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be greatly beneficial, because it combines powerful solution-focused discussions, followed by a relaxing trance state so that the solutions discussed can then be explored and utilised by the brain for positive benefit. It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. I focus on what the client's preferred future is and not what problems may have led them to seek therapy. The power of the mind is endless.

For many years I have worked in an industry that requires personal communication with a variety of people. I have gained a great deal of experience in how to communicate well. I find this is a benefit for working relationships I have with my clients. I am very interested in neuroscience and how the human brain works in regard to our behaviors. I believe in the brain/body connection and that we have within us the knowledge to help ourselves become the people we wish to be.

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