Jack Stannard


MA Dramatherapy


I'm an HCPC accredited Dramatherapist and member of BADth (British Association of Dramatherapists) operating in the Brighton & Hove Area specialising in children and adolescents.

ADHDAdoption IssuesAnxietyAspergersAutismChild or Adolescent IssuesDepressionHistorical TraumaLoss or GriefMen’s IssuesOCDODDPanic AttacksPersonality DisordersPsychodynamicPTSDRelationalSelf-EsteemSelf-HarmingSexual AbuseSuicidal IdeationTrauma

As a Dramatherapist I use creativity in many different ways. These include story making, drawing, sculpting, small world toys and improvised play. This makes my approach well suited to younger children, adolescents or those who struggle to communicate verbally. Dramatherapy works holistically, using the body as well as the mind in the therapeutic work. This lets me work with the embodied experience of difficult feelings to bring about a deeper sense of healing. Dramatherapy can help provide better insight into your emotions and increase your child's ability to verbalise your feelings. It can increase resilience in young people and support your child in finding strategies to manage their feelings adaptively. I offer a flexible approach using compassion and creativity to form relationships with often hard to reach clients. I work creatively which allows me to specialise my approach to support a wide range of clients who might struggle to access conventional talk therapy. I offer individual therapy as well as liaison with schools to support emotional wellbeing.

I currently work within a sixth form college providing individual Dramatherapy as well as strategies to support the learning of adolescents struggling with ther mental health. I also have a background of working therapeutically within primary schools in the West Sussex Area. I have worked in education in a therapeutic and non-therapeutic capacity for 7 years, working in both mainstream and SEN settings.

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