Helen Pearce

Psychotherapist / Counsellor (MBACP, Accredited)

PGDip Psychodynamic Therapeutic Counselling

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I’m a BACP accredited psychotherapist who offers both open-ended and time-limited Psychodynamic therapy, either in person (from my therapy room in Hove) or by phone/video anywhere in the UK. I help people work through complex thoughts and feelings, such as guilt, shame, anger and anxiety. Together we will safely explore how past experiences might be impacting you in the here and now. Our sessions will help you develop deeper awareness and a greater understanding of unconscious processes, which in turn can lead to improved relationships, with yourself and others; healthier boundaries, in your personal and working life; increased self esteem and well-being.

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I emphasise and encourage the exploration of relationships, and believe that the therapist and client relationship is key in shedding light on behaviours and dynamics which might otherwise remain unconscious. I believe that issues connected to low self-esteem, anxiety and shame, are often rooted in our childhood and adolescent experiences, shaping how we feel about ourselves and in relation to others. These difficulties typically stem from trying to find a way of protecting ourselves from painful and uncomfortable feelings in the moment, but might no longer serve us in our adult life and relationships. Together we will safely explore the things that are causing you trouble and perhaps holding you back from leading a more fulfilling life.

In addition to my undergraduate degree, I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Therapeutic Counselling and am BACP Accredited. I have over 10 years clinical experience, in both time-limited and open-ended work, within a therapy practice and university setting. I also have 15 years’ experience working in education, mental health and disability settings.

Type of Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
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