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I support people on a spiritual path to navigate the physical world, to regain their sense of belonging, connection and purpose.

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Now working as ‘The Shamanic Coach’ Paul draws upon a decade of intense inner work, where he has discovered tools, maps and keys to support people (through a combination of coaching and mentoring) on a spiritual journey to navigate the physical world, and so regain a sense of belonging, connection and purpose. Also to question the labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions (Hamlet – ‘For there is nothing either good nor bad but thinking makes it so’), learning to feel, honour and express what’s happening in the body. Through vipassana meditation he has learnt to live more in the body and unlock the treasure and intuition that lies within, with a particular interest in how the mind and body interact, plus the power and the pitfalls of the human mind. Also, and particularly in his time working in residential rehab, how parts of ourselves can sabotage our attempts at health and happiness, and how we can bring them back into the light. The question “Can we as human beings change?” is what fascinates Paul the most. It's a complex and fascinating subject but, with the right support plus courageous action, "yes" is undoubtedly the answer - and that magic and miracles can and do happen!

From a young age, Paul Brown (aka The Shamanic Coach) has held a deep fascination in how we as human beings are put together. This led him to train as an osteopath, which he particularly enjoyed because he got to dress up and wear a white coat. Over time though he became more interested in the mind and how we create happiness and suffering for ourselves and those around us. He retrained in NLP and life coaching to support people through transformational processes (and to co-create wonderful futures), but at the same time was living his own life by changing things (job, home, relationship) on the outside to feel good on the inside – which seemed to work (but only temporarily). For the last ten years he has used his mind and body as a science laboratory and to question to what extent happiness and inner peace are actually an inside job. To personally deeply and personally explore fear and other things that can hold us back in life, I have embarked upon an open mic challenge - to do one a week for a whole year. Really quite a fascinating journey, to give you a feel check this out (warning, contains strong language):

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