Sergio Canteros

Body Based Practitioner

Holistic Therapeutic Massage. ITEC Qualified. IASTM Certified.

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Since the 90's I've trained and developed my own style combining different techniques from Reichian Massage, Bioenergetics Body Based Psychotherapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release in order to assist my clients in their healing and personal journeys.

AnxietyBody Image IssuesBurn OutDepressionInsomniaMen’s IssuesMindfulness-basedPanicPanic AttacksPersonal GrowthPTSDSelf-EsteemSensorimotorTrauma

Massage is a form of Art, a non-words way of communication. A pathway to reconnect to ourself, to recognise the journey we have taken so far, to help us reshape and reroute ours life. In a deep & holistic level, therapeutic massage can assist you in your healing process and personal grow by opening new channels of communication within yourself, your inner intuition and your drive force.

Specialised in Body Based Psychotherapy, trained in Reichian Massage, Bioenergetics, Deep Tissue Massage. IASTM Certified. ITEC Qualified.

Type of Therapy
  • Energy Psychology
  • Holistic
  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered)
  • Touch Therapy
Client Type
Type of Session
Long Term (Face to Face)Short Term (Face to Face)

London WC1X 8HN Brighton & Hove