Deborah Hood

Craniosacral Therapist, Compassionate Inquiry & IFS Internal Family Systems

Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems Practitioner Level 1

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I am a multidisciplinary therapist offering Craniosacral Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and IFS therapy. I support people who want to feel more comfortable in their body whatever their stage in life. I help people return to balance after a traumatic experience or prolonged period of stress. CST is a hands on therapy which helps the body enliven it’s intrinsic healing mechanisms. It assists in recovery from conditions such as IBS, hormonal imbalances, TMJ, PTSD, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Any physical tensions and patterns due to stress ( conscious or unconscious ) can be alleviated through CST. Compassionate Inquiry and IFS Internal Family Systems are talk therapies with a crucial added element of fostering an ongoing connection with the body. I work with each of the modalities according to the needs and wants of my client. Each session is bespoke and the aim is to restore balance and well-being to mind, body and soul. I work effectively both in person and online.

ADHDAging ConcernsAnxietyAspergersAttachment TheoryAutismBereavementBurn OutCancerChronic Pain or IllnessDepressionDissociative Disorder (DD)InsomniaLoss or GriefPanicPanic AttacksPostpartumPregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)PTSDTourette SyndromeTraumaWomen’s Issues

I use a combination of talk and touch to bring greater awareness and understanding of the relationship between body and mind. To find safety within the body and a greater sense of inner peace and freedom. It also allows the body the space to be able to repair and heal itself. Craniosacral therapy is a hands on approach using gentle touch that allows the physical and energetic patterns of the body the opportunity to be deeply listened to, held and given the space and time to re organise and release trauma and conditioning. Compassionate Inquiry is a talking therapy with an additional important element of body awareness. It uses simple questions to explore and examine different parts of ourselves and some of our core beliefs. We then work together to find ways of implementing compassion based techniques to help resolve the problem and identify and build on strengths that are already present. Internal Family Systems is an exploration of our inner parts alongside an understanding of how they relate to each other. This enables us to get into a deeper relationship with our inner authentic self.

My journey in the healing arts spans 25years, having trained in various modalities of bodywork, Movement/Drama Therapy and energy healing. I have worked within the NHS, community organisations and in private practice. For 23 years I ran a Craniosacral/massage service for staff at Gt Ormond Street hospital. Since 2015 I have been a tutor at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London. In 2019, I became interested in the work of Dr Gabor Mate, studying and then certifying as a practitioner. Alongside Internal Family Systems (IFS) I feel I have a comprehensive understanding and holistic approach in offering a safe space in which to explore body, heart and mind connection. I am passionate about my work. I have regular supervision and nourish myself with a regular meditation practice, Tango dancing, yoga and spending time with family and friends.

Type of Therapy
  • Compassion-Focused Therapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered)
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Type of Session
Long Term (Face to Face)Online TherapyShort Term (Face to Face)