Joana Costeira

Certified Hypnotherapist and Yoga Nidra Practitioner

Dip Hyp CS. - Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills

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I blend Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra and sounds in bespoke sessions to help you find your balance and address issues such as anxiety, stress, low self esteem, sleep, phobias, migraines, pain, quit smoking, and quit vaping. Feel free to book a complimentary 15min introduction call for us to meet each other and to find out how I can help you. Taking that first step towards healing can sometimes be overwhelming, but there is no commitment at this stage.

AnxietyArt TherapyDrug Dependence / Abuse / AddictionInsomniaInternet AddictionPanicPanic AttacksPersonal GrowthPolyamorous and Open RelationshipsSelf-EsteemSocial PhobiaSpirituality

I offer a safe, welcoming and warm space for you to find yourself and find your balance. During our first session we can cover any questions and apprehensions about Hypnotherapy to ensure that you feel confident about the process. The initial stage of the treatment is to get you comfortable and at ease. Then you can fully receive the hypnotic suggestions that will speak directly to your subconscious in order for you to make the changes you came in for. My Yoga Nidra training adds a little flavour to these sessions, where I often guide you through an optional journey through the breath and the senses, with sounds like tibetan bowls, chimes and the kalimbo, as well as scents like lavender essential oil and a lavender eye pillow. All sessions can be done via video call or in person in Brighton. Bear in mind that video call sessions do not currently include sound therapy. "I felt very supported by Jo in my hypnosis sessions. She has a very soothing demeanor and I found it very instinctual to fully relax and sink into the experience. She was very tuned to my needs and it always felt like a safe place to question and introspect. She uses beautiful sound healing instruments alongside the hypnosis, which for me were massively enhancing of the whole experience." I.B.

Throughout the years I have completed different qualifications and courses in Hypnotherapy, Counselling Skills, Yoga Nidra, Trauma, Nervous System Regulation and Cuddle Therapy, to name a few. My Bachelor's Degree in Law feels like it was a lifetime ago! I have worked in ecommerce Operations for 9 years until I could realise my passion of becoming a therapist, whilst helping others find theirs.

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  • Hypnotherapy
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