Zoe Egerton

Craniosacral Therapist

Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy

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I have always had an interest in complementary and holistic therapies and been lucky enough to learn from deeply skilled and compassionate teachers over the years, drawing on this knowledge as part of my Craniosacral practice today. I meet the client where they need to be met, addressing the root cause of their discomfort, not merely the symptoms, and suggesting practices for them to use in their own time to support their continued journey to wellbeing. For more information, please go to my website at: https://www.toulatherapies.com

AbuseADHDAnxietyAutismBereavementBurn OutChild or Adolescent IssuesChronic Pain or IllnessDepressionEating DisorderHistorical TraumaInsomniaLearning DisorderLoss or GriefPanicPanic AttacksPregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)PTSDSelf-EsteemSexual AbuseTraumaVeterans/Military ServiceWomen’s Issues

What are the issues facing you today? Are you experiencing physical pain, mental stress or emotional trauma? Craniosacral Therapy provides a gentle yet profoundly potent approach tailored to the needs of the individual to address the root cause of their physical, mental and emotional tension and gently enables this to release from the body on a lasting basis. The client remains fully clothed and is treated either lying on the couch or seated on a chair while I place my hands on the cranium, the base of the spine or elsewhere on the body, engaging primarily with the nervous system. I treat chronic issues, such as PTSD, migraine or fibromyalgia, babies with colic, or adults with anxiety or depression. Some come to see me on a regular basis, while others come for their continued wellbeing as and when they need it.

I have a background in dance, music, yoga and meditation, in working within the NHS, as well as in Corporate Coaching for international organisations. I first discovered Craniosacral Therapy 24 years ago, when my second baby was left with whiplash after a ventouse extraction during birth. Two sessions later and the change was profound, not only for my son but for our whole family, as my baby was now able to relax in his body, to sleep, to feed, to smile and to interact with those around him. Witnessing this, and experiencing this transformative approach for myself, were what drew me into practising this profound modality myself.

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  • Craniosacral therapy
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