Therapists specialising in Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Psychological testing and evaluation is a therapeutic process in which a qualified mental health professional employs a series of standardised tests and tools in order to understand a person’s mental health. A therapist using psychological testing will interpret the results of the tests and observations to draw conclusions about a client’s personality and behavior. The goal of psychological testing and evaluation is to help the client to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of whatever issue they are facing.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation is often needed when the root cause of issues are not clear.

Some cases may be easy such as when a child experiences to determine such as issues arising from academic problems for school children and how this can impact on their self-esteem or with adults that have difficulty with maintaining and developing personal relationships as a result of anger issues. Psychological testing and evaluation is made up of a number of tests which are used as a way of determining the cause of psychological symptoms and disorders and to make an appropriate diagnosis and then identify the appropriate treatment with relation to this.

When is this form of testing used?

For example if a child is experiencing behavioural, social, or academic issues this could be due one major factor such as a learning disorder or attention deficit or it could be due to several factors which are often symptoms of the root cause or major factor such as anxiety, low self-esteem or depression. By using this method it is possible to rule out certain conditions and allow focus to be directed towards areas of real issue. This form of testing is often used with children who are unable to express reasons for their issues or feelings being experienced. It can also be used with adults in order to determine the extent of a brain injury or disorder as a way of indentifying whether the individual is mentally competent to stand trial. In other situations a business or organisation may use this form of testing and evaluation as part of deciding on the suitability of an applicant for a particular position within their company or to identify and support the needs of an employee.

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