Therapists specialising in Human Givens Psychotherapy

Human Givens Psychotherapy

The human givens psychotherapy focuses on the present and uses practical solutions for emotional distress. It looks at our innate needs (‘givens’) and considers the potential emotional distress for individuals when their needs are not being. Emotional ‘givens’ relate to how we connect and seek fulfilment; such as through emotional intimacy, security, attention as well as feeling part of a community and our purpose. Human Givens looks at areas where ‘givens’ are not being met and addresses any emotional and mental distress related to this.

What are Human Givens?

Human Givens Therapy works from the view that physical and emotional needs are inextricably linked. This is based on the fact that emotions help people to connect with the world around them and so help fulfill both their physical and psychological needs. Some of the human givens are food, water, and other survival necessities, like shelter and safety, emotional needs such as attention, emotional intimacy, and feelings of worth and achievement, a sense of control in your own life, feeling a connection to a larger community and of belonging to a social group as well as an overall sense of life purpose.

How Can Human Givens Therapy Help?

Human Givens Therapists initially assist individuals with identification of any neglected needs which need addressing and need to be fulfilled. The therapists works closely with the individual to understand which aspects of the specific need is not being met. This can be different for each individual and may simple be related to a need not being met at all, such as with isolation or loneliness, or it may involve aspects of change being required to the individuals existing structure in a particular area of life; either with friend, relationships or work. An individual having Human Givens therapy may identify, through help of their therapist, that  particular pattern such as  substance abuse is the result of social isolation or lack of stress management. The therapist can assist with exploration of individuals needs and identification of feelings and behavioral patterns which may be having a negative impact. Seeing a qualified therapists can assist not only with identification of issues but also with proactive strategies that address the causes.

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