Therapists specialising in Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is a therapeutic practice that uses hypnosis to retrieve memories of past lives. Past life regression therapy is based on the belief that people have lived before their current life and that it is possible to recover repressed memories of other lives. Clients undertaking past life regression therapy can expect to be asked a series of questions while hypnotized with the intention of revealing the occurrences of previous lives. Past life regression therapists believe that the technique can be used to help resolve a host of issues including anxiety, fears, phobias and trauma.

In preparation the regression therapist assists the individual enter a relaxed state using deep breathing and facilitates the process of regression through urging their client to be as detailed as possible while describing past significant experiences. The therapist may also prompt their client to describe emotions arising as the event is re-experienced. It is believed that through this process, a person can access their subconscious mind and isolate the emotions associated with the past event. It is believed a traumatic event may continue to inhibit an individual’s ability to express emotion or interact with other. Regression therapy can, then, be of benefit, because it can help a person return back to a trauma in order to understand the impact the trauma may be having on their behaviours and choices.

Once these emotions are isolated and made conscious mind, the therapist and person can begin to identify possible ways they may be having a harmful impact. During this relearning/reprogramming phase, the therapist and person in treatment work together to develop alternative ways of viewing the past event that better promote a sense of resilience and adaptive strengths in the individual.

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