Therapists specialising in Cultural Congruence

Cultural Congruence

Cultural Congruence and the way in which many people define sense of self as well as their place in life can be greatly determined and formed by the culture they live within and how they identify to society. Culturally-congruent counselling may be carried out by a qualified therapist that is experienced in  considering the client’s cultural background, have an open and unbiased approach to assisting with issues faced in connection to the individual assimilating into their chosen society ir culture. Our experiences in relation to culture and society may be associated with a range of experiences from gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.  Within treatment a counsellor can use a cultural congruence approach to improve therapeutic outcomes through using culture as a sensitive form of perspective.

Immigration Concerns

Individuals and families relocate for a variety of reasons which may include escaping terrorism and danger to seeking better economic prospects and care. Individuals and families move to find a better and safer life. However, issues with immigration may exert extreme pressure and can put an individual under an extreme health and mental health risks, sometimes due to anxiety and trauma or due to the individual being denied access to medical and mental health care. Individuals with temporary visas face extreme stress, potential mental health issues such as depression, financial stress, discrimination, loneliness, and isolation. For individuals detained the effects can be even more severe.

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