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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction, which is also known as nymphomania or compulsive sexual behaviour, takes many forms.  Generally the person suffering a sexual addiction is unable to control their sexual desires, thoughts or behaviour. As with other kinds of addiction (such as with drugs, gamblings and internet etc.), the issue can be detected by a compulsive and recurring involvement in sexual activities by the individual regardless of any negative impacts.

Symptoms of sexual addiction can include an abnormally high sex drive, distracting and intense sexual fantasies, an obsessive compulsion to have many sexual partners, compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, an excessive use of pornography as well as illegal activities such as rape or molestation. If you feel your daily life is becoming disrupted obsessive sexual behaviour which is risky and recurring then seeing a qualified therapist can assist you with making initial steps in identifying and handling your sexual addiction.

Causes of Sexual addiction and Nymphomania

Sexual addictions may form for many reasons but the affect it can have on how you feel physically and mentally is often a major trigger. When you gain enjoyment from these feelings it can create a strong desire to use the substances again. Sexual addiction can form from mental “euphoria” related to taboo aspects of the activity. This mental “high” causes a strong urge to repeat the activity and experience the same feeling again. In this situation the desire to repeat an activity can become a habit. When a habit forms it can become incredibly hard to stop which can leads to addiction.

Another aspect of having an addiction is that stopping or quitting the habit can cause withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be physically and mentally unpleasant which makes continuing the habit and giving in to your craving seem easier.

How addictions affect you

Attempting to manage an addiction can seriously damage your work life and relationships. With sexual addictions the addict may suffer serious psychological and physical effects from prolonged stress of the activity. Often an addict uses their addiction as a shield against difficult issues or emotions. Various factors can trigger sexual addictions such as emotional insecurity, personal pressures and relationship issues.

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