Therapists specialising in Racial Identity

Racial Identity

Racial identity and our ethnicity are fundamental parts of our lives which are often the formation for the way in which we view the world, those around us as well as ourselves. Our racial identity may be formed by many layers which can be be changeable and difficult to read. Seeing a trained therapist specialising in racial identity can assist steps on your path to knowledge of your racial identity and how it may have impacts on your beliefs and thoughts.

Racial or ethnic is a complicated, interconnected  concept which considers the way in which individuals grow and experience their own personal sense of belonging within their culture. Traditions, customs, and feelings in relation to heritage are crucial elements which help with development of ethnic identity. The paths an individual can take towards learning to identify with their culture can involve gaining an understand group customs and values as well as identifying with their ethnic group.

It is commonly agreed that to achieve a strong sense of racial or ethnic identity that individuals must initially exploration of their culture in various stages. Often the strength of an individual’s racial identity depends on the stage in the process they have reached.

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