Therapists specialising in Political Climate

Political Climate

Handling the current political climate in this country, and around the world, can be a stressful factor for you for many reasons. Within society individuals sharing a political view can form an alliance and manifest as groups to demonstrate and impress their view on the community. For individuals who feel a political climate is affecting their personal relationships, their working life or their ability to live within a community seeing a qualified therapist can assist with developing way of coping with and address issues where the political climate is having an negative impact on your life.

Some individuals’ political anxiety is connected to worries related to changes which may happen if there is a change of government. In particular many individuals see particular political parties as unpredictable and dangerous. Individuals may feel anxious about a political party gaining power which opposes to their own beliefs and ideals and there is concern related to the possible negative impact of new policies. Differences in political opinion within a family or close relationship can cause great anxiety and unrest. These situations can cause unrest, distrust and even violence within a community or society. In particular minority groups often feel afraid of the effects of potential changes in political power or even individual changes to legislation which might inhibit their ability to work and live freely.

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