Therapists specialising in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

Dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT) is an interpersonal therapy which looks at how we relate to others, how we see ourselves and aims to assist our understanding link between past hurts and the current dynamics of our interpersonal relationships. DITs key theory is that painful, past experiences we which we ignore and lose sight can continue to affect our feelings and behaviour years later.

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy usually takes place on a short time frame (typically 16 weesk) and is a structured psychotherapy which aims to assist individuals to identify pattern repeating in current interpersonal relationships, exploring and relating these patterns back to childhood as well considering the individualsĀ presenting symptoms and how their relationship issues may be triggering these. DIT works on the basis of identifying and understandingĀ pattern of behaviour and using this knowledge to gain perspective of how these contribute to current difficulties in relationships and how this builds psychological stress. This therapy is applied in various distinct ways each with their own particular focus. However, all forms of DIT commonly focus on relationship problems.

DIT aims to help people recognise specific relationship patterns and to make positive changes to their relationships. There is a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating the benefit of individuals learning to handle their relationship issues more effectively as a way of managing and diminishing psychological symptoms.

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