Therapists specialising in Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused brief therapy (solution-focused therapy) works on the basis of us solution-building instead of problem-solving. This therapy works to explore our current resources and future hopes and assists individuals with developing personal strengths in order to build solutions and achieve goals. Solution-focused brief therapy considers an individual’s current issues and the possible causes but it primarily focuses on how to use present resources for future development.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy and how it can help

This form of therapy is used for individual, couples and family sessions. After initially being developed as a technique for assisting individuals with finding solutions to challenges it was widened to include issues from all areas of life such workplace issues, challenges at school or within relationships.

This form of therapy is used for treating a wide range of issues or challenges which the individual in therapy knows of already and may have some preconceived solutions. During the session the individual is placed in a leading position, with the therapists supporting, and they personally address their concerns and discusses their envisaged solutions. The therapist acts to encourage the individual to change the way they look at solutions and the ways in which they might achieve their goals. As this technique focuses on finding solutions to challenges, instead of the reasons behind them, it can be more effective for treatment of certain concerns and not others. This form of intervention may help teenagers who are experiencing behavioural concerns or academic-related challenges. In addition it has been seen as an effective form of therapy for couples and family counselling.

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