Therapists specialising in Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy

Reality therapy is based on us having basic psychological and emotional needs such as survival, freedom, love, belonging, enjoyment and achievement. It is a practical therapy which focuses on developing mechanism for us to meet out basic needs as well as developing our awareness of negative thoughts and actions which may be holding us back. Reality therapists work on the basis that changing what we do allow us to change how we feel and to meet and achieve our needs.

Reality therapy is based on treating current issues being faced by the individual seeking therapy. It does not explore any past issues the person has experienced and instead encourages individual to use therapy as a way of addressing behaviour which could be preventing their reaching resolution of their issues. This is a problem solving based therapy which is based on the theory that individuals experience mental distress when their basic psychological needs are not being met.

The other all theory is that each of us is constantly seeking to meet our basic needs and that when we feels bad this is because one of the five needs have not been fulfilled. Individuals undergoing reality therapy may learn techniques for being self-awareness of any negative thoughts and actions which may be holding them back from meeting their needs. This form of therapy views that by changing our actions we may have a positive effect on the way we feels or with our ability to meet our needs and desires.

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