Therapists specialising in Psychosynthesis


Psychosynthesis focusses on the basis that each individual has a huge potential for growth and self-realisation. During a session the individual works to consciously harness their potential for personal development in order to move forward and overcome life challenges. Individuals as encouraged through the therapeutic framework to develop self- awareness, self-healing and to connect to their experience, emotions and intuition in order to assist their development during the ever-changing path of life.

Core concepts of psychosynthesis

There are several crucial core concepts to this form of therapy.  One is the idea of disidentification. During this state of disidentification individuals can freely, explore their thoughts, emotions and behaviour outside of their usual patterns. This form of therapy is based on the premise that empathy assists with reaching a state of disidentification. This includes the therapy that individuals fully understanding one another assists them to explore their emotions and be themselves without limitation.

A second core concept of psychosynthesis is the idea that through introspection individuals can become conscious of their personal experiences and can explore and form their own sense of identity. This form of therapy also works on the premise that individuals must consciously make changes in order to stop unconscious behavioural repetitions.

Who can Psychosynthesis assist

Psychosynthesis is a broad theory of psychology, like psychoanalysis, which is used to assist a broad range of issues as well as with general human development. Psychosynthesis is believed to be effective with treating anxiety, depression, neuroses and trauma. This form of therapy focuses on growth and development and may be useful for individuals suffering from difficulty understanding themselves or their meaning and purpose in life.Beyond use in therapy and mental health the concepts of psychosynthesis have been used in education, medicine, and business.

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