Therapists specialising in Holistic


Holistic therapy is a therapeutic practice that takes an integrative approach and looks at the connections between a client’s mind, body and spirit. Holistic therapy tries to uncover the underlying causes of a client’s issue, instead of simply seeking to treat the symptoms. Holistic therapists use multiple approaches to addresses issues and encourage self-awareness and self-acceptance in clients.

Holistic therapy theory is founded on the theory that an individual’s consciousness is found to be integrated within their mind, body, and spirit. This form of therapy looks at the individual as a whole being and assists them with gaining an awareness of connections between their emotions, thoughts, physical and spiritual experiences. This therapy can assist individuals gain a realisation of how these components work synergistically and to gain deeper self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Rather than working to eliminate symptoms this holistic therapy instead focuses on viewing symptoms as a call for an individual to bring their attention and self awareness to an issue. Individuals are helped by their therapist to achieve change and to accept the present moment including who and where they are. Through achieving acceptance the individuals is then able to release their own resistance or self-defense against unwanted thoughts which acts to allow deep relaxation and release of fears.


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