Therapists specialising in Integral Therapy

Integral Therapy

Integral therapy, similar to holistic therapy, is a therapeutic practice that takes an integrative approach and looks at the connections between a client’s mind, body and spirit. Like other types of mindfulness-based therapy, integral therapy is designed to help a client’s attention focus on the present moment and achieve clarity. Integral therapists use multiple approaches to addresses issues and encourage self-awareness and self-acceptance in clients.

Integral psychotherapy is based primarily on the transpersonal psychology theory that each person is unique and therapists need to tailor their approach to the needs, beliefs, and cultural contexts of their clients through use of a variety of psychotherapy traditions including relational psychoanalysis, jungian psychology, integral theory, mindfulness, play therapy, developmental theory, neuroscientific research and existential psychology. Many integral psychotherapists encourage their clients to incorporate meditation, practice yoga as well as other techniques to increase their consciousness and mindfulness. This form of therapy may also include creative therapy forms such as art or poetry as well as other forms of literature and philosophy. Therapists who practice this form of therapy terms it as a nonjudgmental guidance used to support individuals in reaching and rising through layers of consciousness as well as developing and cultivating insight in order to apply these to understanding past struggles.


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