Therapists specialising in Emotionally Focused

Emotionally Focused

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a structured therapeutic approach to working with individuals, couples and families. EFT’s main goals are to expand and reorganise important emotional responses, implement and foster the creation of a secure bond between partners, and help shift each partner’s position of interaction while initiating new cycles of interaction that are more beneficial for the relationship. Generally short-term (8-20 sessions), the EFT technique has had proven success, especially with couples, in helping relationships work more efficiently.

EFT focuses on the process of adult love and bonding in couples and addresses any distress within intimate relationships. The strategies used within this therapy may also be applied within family therapy in order to assist members with building stronger emotional connection and attachment. For couples seeking counselling to improve their relationships EFT may be a beneficial approach since it assists individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of both their personal emotional responses as well as those of their loved ones.

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