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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder which includes both obsessions and compulsions. Individual with this compulsive disorder suffer from repeated and unwanted thoughts over which they have no control. Sufferers feel involuntary impulses which lead to compulsive actions or rituals. The acts are often an attempt by the individual to stop or handle recurring thoughts. This can be a disabling disorder if left untreated which can threaten a person’s chances of living a normal life. Although the causes of OCD are unknown it has been known to runs in families often starting during childhood. Getting help is crucial to treating individuals suffering from OCD.

There are several misleading stereotypes surrounding this condition, including the idea that sufferers are very neat and tidy. However this reality is that OCD is a very complex disorder which  can cause severe difficulties with daily life for the sufferer as well as those close to them. One major challenge for family and friends is gaining an understanding of this disorder. It is possible, however, for those with OCD to learn ways to better manage the condition.

Obsessive behaviour

If you are a sufferer of this disorder you will find that your obsessions commonly relate to or are triggered by your fears, worries, impulses as well as to images. Obsessive thoughts or behaviours can be extremely disruptive and disturbing and even once you have identified these obsessive actions as being involuntary and complusive it can then prove difficult to identify the root causes and how to handle them without professional assistanace.


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