Therapists specialising in Spirituality


Spirituality has a different meaning for almost everyone and can refer a variety of beliefs related to types of organised or other religions as well as being a general term for the search to understand the meaning of life or achieve inner feelings of peace, enlightenment or contentment. Developing a sense spirituality can assist individuals with stress relief, developing a deeper, gaining better self awareness, self-esteem as well as helping connect better to the people around you.

What spiritual growth and development means

The value of spiritual growth is often greatly underestimated by people. It is an extremely relevant part of an individual’s personal development. Spiritually development means opening your mind and heart to the possibility of achieving a belief system that can improve your view on life, improve your interpersonal relationships and deepen your appreciate what you already have in life. Many experts also believe that spiritual growth can help you establish your “highest calling and life purpose”.


There is no need to be religious in order to achieve spiritual growth. If you are not a member or do not follow any particular faith this isn’t a problem. Achieving spiritual growth can mean simply finding spirituality in the first place, and giving yourself time to explore your own spiritual requirements.


Achieving spiritual growth can be a difficult task if you attempt the journey alone and for this reason it can be beneficial to speak to a therapist about your interests are concerns. Developing spiritually can be beneficial to your everyday life. Using meditative techniques can help you achieve a more calm and balanced view of life and make you less likely to become stressed or irritated.


In addition to discussing your needs and thoughtful meditation other activities such as yoga can be  effective at detaching you from reality and helping you grow spiritually. There are two varieties of yoga: asanas and pranayam. These are both extremely useful for spiritual growth according to the Spiritual Research Foundation 

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