Therapists specialising in Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues

Challenges and issues faced by men are unique to their gender. The range of issues encountered by men include health problems of prostate cancer, impotence, other sexual issues, as well as body image anxieties, anxiety, PTSD and anger management.

Men can face challenges related to being accused of physical, verbal or sexual harrassment and may encounter huge anxiety whilst the case is being handled. A case may related to domestic violence of abuse and during the investigation process there may be issues which need discussing. Facing major life changing event such as marriage, fatherhood or divorce can cause anxiety and worry for numerous reasons such as financial stress, parental status as well as forming of family bonds. Seeing a qualified therapist with experience in handling men’s issues can assist with encouraging expression of anxieties and other feelings as well as with building strategies to reach a goal or coping mechanisms in order to gain balance in life.

Men’s role in society, in the workplace and in relationships has changed and some men used to existing in a male-dominated environment may find it difficult to handle these changes and may experience stress and frustration.

The way that men react and express symptoms of mental health conditions are very different to women. When men experience depression they often become angry and irritable rather than becoming withdrawn. Also, men are less likely to cry, discuss their feelings, or express their thoughts. This also includes thoughts of suicide which men are least likely to express. Posttraumatic stress often leads to anger and aggression and men suffering PTSD have a tendency to cope by using drugs or alcohol. It is commonly seen that men neglect to seek support for themselves often for fear that others will see them as weak. However, counselling then is more complicated as issues have become compounded.

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