Therapists specialising in Veterans/Military Service

Veterans/Military Service

Individuals who carry out military duty and military veterans can be confronted by particular challenges. These individuals may often suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, drug and alcohol addiction as well as suffering other mental health either during or after military service has ended. Seeing a qualified therapists who has worked with veterans could assist and encourage you to tackle any issues you are facing, to regain power and to enjoy fulfilling life.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Veterans

Posttraumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder which individual’s suffer after exposure to an overwhelming or traumatic experience where people experiencing PTSD continue to release stress- hormones and chemicals and experience these types of symptoms:

Reliving the event; re-experiencing the trauma in repeated flashbacks, having repeated and upsetting memories of the trauma, experiencing nightmares and experiencing intense reactions to objects or situations which bring back memories of the event.

Avoidance includes staying away from people or places associated with the event, feelings of numbness and emptiness, issues with memory, a lack of interest in life, being emotionally detached and cut-off as well as feeling hopeless. Hyperarousal includes continual scanning for danger, issues with concentration, irritability and anxiety and issues with sleep patterns.

Negative thoughts, moods, or feeling including feelings of guilt, criticising or blaming other and a lack of interest in day to day life and people.

Other Mental Health Issues Experienced by Veterans

Aside from posttraumatic stress, depression and anxiety there are other mental health conditions which are commonly suffered by veterans and it is crucial for these to be addressed through help medical help as well as through seeing a qualified counselor. These include; Drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal ideation, anger issues and dementia. It is important to consider any family member who has served in the military and to assess whether they might need counselling to address any trauma or anxiety.

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