Therapists specialising in Obesity


Obesity, an excess of body fat, is a serious medical condition which can lead to numerous health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Living with obesity can cause the individual to suffer other physical pain or issues such as circulating issues or gout.

Obese individuals can suffer emotionally with feelings of anxiety, depression and shame being common and damaging to their self esteem.  For obese children and adults depression is a common symptom. Obesity comes with great social stigma which includes discrimination, bullying, and isolation. A qualified therapist can help in dealing with emotional issues resulting form the individual’s obesity while also working to take positive steps towards a happier life.

Causes of obesity

Obesity commonly results from consuming more calories –especially found in fatty and sugary foods and drinks– than are burned-off during physical activity. Excess calories are stored as fat by the body. Obesity is becoming more common as part of our modern lives due to excess eating of cheap, high-calorie food, spending more and more time sitting for work, at home or on transport. Other underlying health issues may contribute to weight gain, such as an under-active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). However, these health conditions rarely lead to obesity alone.

Obesity – physical issues, self-esteem and depression

Obese increase your risk of developing potentially serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes which causes an individual’s blood sugar level to become too high, high blood pressure, high cholesterol which can lead to heart disease and stroke, asthma as well as several types of cancer. Obesity can cause a number of further issues such as shortness of breath, snoring, difficulty doing physical activity, commonly feeling very tired, joint and back pain, low confidence and self-esteem as well as feeling isolated. Psychological issues related with being obese can also affect your relationships with family and friends, and may lead to depression.

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