Therapists specialising in Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Sometimes we can all experience difficulties with Sexual problems and issues with function. Sexual problems may occur at any time during any the act of sexual and can range from problems with arousal, desire, erectile dysfunction or reaching the climax of an orgasm. Sexual difficulties problem may happen quickly or develop slowly over a period of time or with a particular partner. Sexual disorders are usually organised into four categories: desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and pain disorders. Sexual desire disorders are commonly known as by low libido or a low desire sexual intercourse. Sexual arousal disorders are characterised by an inability to respond to physical stimulus and gain sexual arousal.

Men may experience erectile dysfunction, while women can suffer from vaginal dryness. Difficulties with orgasm are generally experienced as delayed or incomplete orgasm. Disorders of sexual pain, usually only in women, are experienced as pain during intercourse. There are a variety of causes for sexual disorders however contributing factors include hormonal cycles and changes, aging, emotional stress, depression, fatigue, physical strain, medicines (antidepressants for example), chronic disease or previous experiences of sexual trauma. A qualified therapist helps individuals or couple to identify and handle sexual problems as well as well as taking steps to resolving them completely.

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