Therapists specialising in Adoption Issues

Adoption Issues

Families going through the adoption process face unique challenges. Navigating the emotional, logistical and legal impacts can be tough for all family members. Depending on their role within the family, adoption may trigger feelings of loss, rejection, guilt, grief and shame.

The adopted child may have a hard time adjusting to their new circumstances and may experience symptoms of trauma, PTSD or develop an attachment disorder. A therapist who specializes in adoption issues will be well-versed in the issues that adoptive families face. Seeing a qualified professional, even before concerns arise, can help adoptive (and foster) families to ease the transition during this exciting time.

Unexpected health issues with your adopted child

There may be health issues with your adopted child which may not become apparent until later, perhaps during adolescence, and so it is crucial to consider in advance your capacity to give extra support if required. This means any individual or couple considering adoption need to consider their capacity and resources in many senses. This can refer to the capacity to give extra time for care, and how this would balance with work responsibilities. This also ties in with the couple, or individual, considering their financial resources. And you emotional balance and ability to cope with stress needs to be considered as not everyone considering adoption has support from immediate family or loved ones which could prove stressful in difficult parenting situations. Adoptive families have a legal right to Statutory Support as part of adoption which covers needs for mental health support, therapeutic services or special education support if required by their adopted child. This does not however support the adoptive parents who might be suffering from the strain of parenting as well as with handling any unforeseen health issues, intellectual or learning disorders as well as emotional issues being suffered by the adopted child.

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