Therapists specialising in Cancer


A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. In addition to the physical symptoms, it can take an emotional toll. Individuals given a positive diagnosis may be more likely to feel depressed, irritable or anxious and may experience other related symptoms, such as insomnia. If you or a loved on is dealing with cancer, a mental health professional can help you learn ways of coping.

Counseling and Therapy for Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is frightening and life-changing, especially if the individual is diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer and are faced with their life ending unexpectedly. Individual, family, and couples counsellors are all able to give support as a individual attempts to come to terms with their diagnosis and how to handle the situation.

Doctors often encourage individuals diagnosed with cancer to see a therapist after. During counselling, the cancer sufferer is able to find mechanisms to cope with the diagnosis and handle strong emotions related to this including depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion. Apart from handling news of the diagnosis individuals may also have to cope with distressing life changes such as being unable to work, losing their income or losing contact with certain friends.

Cancer counselling involving families, partner or spouse

With a diagnosis of cancer there may experience distress over sharing the news with family members, a partner or spouse. Medical counsellors trained for cancer counselling such as those who work alongside doctors when the diagnosis is given, and Oncology social workers, have special training to assist individuals handle a cancer diagnosis. However, this care and counselling only goes so far and does not include family counselling can be crucial for assisting a family come to terms with the diagnosed and to discuss how to handle it. A variety of strong emotions such as anger, sadness, stress, and grief can be felt by partners, spouses and even children who are trying to cope with feelings of desperation and loss.

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