Therapists specialising in Career Counseling

Career Counseling

There are many questions which it helps to ask ourselves when we consider our work. For example considering if we are in the right profession and asking ourselves whether we are as successful with our work as we could be can be critical questions. Above all we need to consider whether the work we do brings happiness and personal growth to our lives. It can be a daunting process for people who are considering a change of career and in order to make the best possible decisions it can be crucial to see a trained therapist who can assist you with the many questions and anxieties related to changes in your professional life.

Career counselling can help people with making an overall assessment of their ideal career and areas for personal professional development as well as with problems related to career changes and managing stressful situations such as redundancy. Seeing a qualified therapist can assist you greatly with handling a variety of complex and pressured questions in order to help you better identify what is important to you personally in terms of your career as well as with making major career decisions.

Career counseling common topics

These are topics commonly addressed in career counselling; the individual’s skills and talents and how they could be applied to particular careers, educational commitments required by particular careers, a consideration of earning-potential attached to careers and how important financial gain is against job satisfaction, a consideration of your potential work environment, the obstacles and opportunities related to making a career change or going for a promotion. In terms of considering and discussing the individual’s desired career choices it is also crucial for counselling discussion to take into account and handle any necessary skills/education for that career. Education and skills requirement might cause the need for financial investment in further study.

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