Therapists specialising in Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)

Pregnancy (Prenatal Mental Health)

During pregnancy many strong emotions may be experienced for expectant mothers with feelings which can range from extreme fear and anxiety to excitement. Confirmation of conception in itself can be a terrifying and life changing experience for those involved and navigating the needs and emotions of both individuals is crucial to setting a health path through pregnancy.  The process commonly brings feelings of fear, responsibility and pressure to pregnant women, and their partners. It helps to have open, healthy communication about issues or anxieties. Expectant women have a greater tendency to experience anxiety and depression. Seeing a qualified therapist can be of crucial assistance to mothers and their partners to handle the range of issues which can arise whilst expecting a baby and giving birth.

Stress during pregnancy

There can be a number of issues which may cause stress during pregnancy such work pressures, financial issues, making decision with your partner as well as the decision for ultrasound scans checks and tests for possible issues such as Down’s syndrome. During pregnancy women need to handle common issues of morning sickness, tiredness, headaches as well as mood and behavioural changes related to altered hormones.

Pregnancy and issues with achieving a healthy lifestyle and quitting habits

It is crucial to remain healthy during pregnancy and leading a healthy lifestyle, maintaining emotional well-being as well as keeping good nutritional habits are all of equal importance. Most essential are the need to stop smoking and drinking as these can harm your unborn baby. Quitting alcohol and cigarettes can be difficult for women who have these as regular habits or even addictions. There are official guidelines on reduced drinking during pregnancy but learning to give up both drinking and smoking are an essential first step which may for some women require seeing a qualified therapist in order to quit.

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