Therapists specialising in Chronic Pain or Illness

Chronic Pain or Illness

Chronic Pain or Illness is considered to be any pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain might start with an injury or an illness, although many people suffer chronic pain without any past injury or evidence of illness. Chronic pain and illness may come and go and can range from mild to agonizing. In addition to the physical symptoms, chronic pain can take an emotional toll. Individuals suffering from chronic pain are more likely to feel depressed, irritable or anxious and may experience other related symptoms, such as insomnia. If you are dealing with pain that won’t go away, a mental health professional can help you learn ways of coping.

The Effects of Chronic Pain and Illness

Chronic pain and illnesses are typically long-term conditions which need to be managed by the sufferer. They are not usually conditions which can be cured and instead sufferers need to live with the condition. Conditions including heart disease, cancer, and stroke, are some of the most difficult chronic illnesses to handle as suffers run a higher risk of death due to these conditions. Some other degenerative conditions lead to reduced bodily or mental function.

Individuals living chronic illness often find their life is affected in a variety of ways such as becoming easily tired, frequently feeling pain, going through changes to their appearance or physical abilities as well as feeling unwanted side effect from prescribed medications. An individual suffering from a chronic illness may not be able to work and as a result suffers financial difficulties.

Various factors such as lack of mobility, losing a connection to work and friends and money worries can lead to the individual feeling anxiety or depression. Individuals experiencing a chronic illness or pain often have to cope with feelings angry or depressed particularly as some people may find it difficult to understand why they have been affected.

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