Therapists specialising in Coaching


The purpose of the coaching is to help an individual move forward and make changes in whatever ways they need assistance. Although coaching and other forms of therapy have much in common, they are sometimes differentiated by assertion that coaches work with healthy individuals to help them achieve their full potential and therapists (or counselors) work with clients suffering from mental illness or mental health problems. A client and a coach will generally set very specific goals that will focus on enhancing performance, improving relationships (personal or professional), or accomplishing a specific objective.

Life coaches can offer help to clients for a variety of individual goals. Life coaching is  a very individual and personal experience and each individual’s goals, experiences and outcomes will differ. Generally in this form of therapy the coach focuses on assisting their client with reaching specific goals. These goals may vary from reaching study targets and coping with exams, making a transition into a new life, starting up a  business, developing leadership skills as well as becoming healthier or losing weight.

Someone who has decided to start a new business may seek guidance from a coach to determine what their overall strategy is and how to make initial steps.  Personal coaches assist clients with their spiritual development as well as exploring new ways of experiencing life.

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