Therapists specialising in Women’s Issues

Women’s Issues

Women can be faced with unique challenges often termed as “women’s issues” which cover a diverse range of problems including health issues such as hormonal imbalance, menopause, post-partum depression and other issues of body image issues, low self-esteem, sexual issues. Women can also be the victims of sexual assault, discrimination or sexism. Seeing a therapists who specialises in supporting women with these issues can assist with empowering individuals to develop their self-awareness, self-protection as well as building confidence and learning techniques for perusing a balanced life.

Women’s Issues commonly handled during therapy

Women may face a higher frequency of certain mental and physical health issues as a result of their gender. It has been found in studies that women more commonly experience mental health issues such as depression or anxiety but also that women experience mental distress more easily than men. Although research has shown women may tend experience mental health concerns more frequently there are still many factors involved.

Some mental health concerns commonly experienced by women include: Depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, mood-related challenges and self-harming behaviour.

Issues related to gender roles and sociocultural challenges

Despite evolving gender roles, women may continue to frequently encounter sociocultural challenges that can lead to a higher risk of mental and physical health concerns.

Sexism/Oppression, a form of discrimination and unfair treatment, which still happens today is a prime cause of the development and general well-being of women being inhibited. Issues women have to face such as arranged marriages, being denied basic human-rights as well as being excluded from some professions can cause immense anxiety and anger.

Abuse and domestic abuse are found to commonly suffered by women. Victims and survivors of abuse may experience depression, posttraumatic stress, or anxiety.

Womens’ portrayal in society and the media with messages about what women “should” look like have been link, in studies, to issues with self-esteem/self-worth. The medias depiction of women as sex symbols while society expects a contrary ideal of purity and chasteness.

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