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Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can occur in the lives of many individuals. Domestic abuse takes various forms such as physical, emotional. verbal or sexual abuse. An abusive relationship cause major impact on an individuals life and and can lower self-esteem, lead to depression and anxiety as well as cause feelings of guilt, fear and stress.

Admitting you are in an abusive relationship or situation is a crucial and often very difficult step which is needed to recognize that help is needed. If you feel in immediate danger, call 911. Domestic violence can become worse with time and so it is crucial to address it immediately. Seeing a counsellor helps victims of domestic abuse with planning a safe way to finish the relationship as well as strategies for over-coming trauma experienced.

Domestic Abuse, Physical Abuse and Abusive relationships

Causing intentional harm or injury to another person through violence or physical contact is physical abuse. Forms of physical abuse include hitting, pushing, punching and also throwing objects. It is important to be aware that at some point in your life you may become victim to this form of abuse. Often the victim may know their abuser who may be a family members, partner or friend. Victims of physical abuse may sustain physical injuries from the abuse but also suffer emotionally.

The abuser may use sexual abuse to maintain power and control over the victim. The majority of victims are women, however men suffer too. Sexual abuse is classed as any forced and unwanted sexual activity. Since children are unable to consent this means any sexual activity involving a child is sexual abuse. Most of the time, the victims of sexual abuse know their attacker and sexual abuse often becomes worse over time. As a result victims of sexual abuse may, above all, feel disbelief as well as anger, shame or fear. Victims of sexual abuse may often suffer with poor self-esteem, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you feel worried about domestic abuse, or have been a victim, you can find 24 hour help using free-phone National Domestic Abuse helpline UK. The Brighton and Hove charity Rise can support victims or individuals threatened by domestic abuse.
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