Therapists specialising in Feminist


Feminist therapy is, as the name implies, a therapeutic practice that incorporates feminist theories and philosophies into treatment. Feminist therapy is based on the belief that societal gender-roles strongly influence how people think, feel and behave. Feminist therapists seek to give their clients an increased consciousness on the presence of sexism and stereotyping in society, which they believe can be the cause of many issues. Clients are empowered and encouraged to self-nurture and seek balance and equality in life.

These various techniques are employed within feminist therapy:

Gender-role analysis and intervention which explores gender roles and the impact it has on the mental health of the individual undergoing treatment. Power analysis examines the ways in which inequality of power impacts on the ability of an individual to grow and achieve. Reframing is a technique for shifting the perspectives of individuals in treatment through focusing on social factors which may have an influence on mental health issue. Self-disclosure allows individuals to share their personal experiences as a way of liberating their experiences and emotions as well as being able to gain perspective and see them as equal to others in having had a shared experience. Social action is the encouragement of individuals to take part in social activism as a way of gaining a feeling of greater empowerment.

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