Therapists specialising in Parenting


The choices which parents have to make in raising their children can be overwhelming. There are so many different opinions on how to be a good parent, both solicited and unsolicited, as well as information and advice it can make the process of parenting tough. In raising children many issues have to be handled such as health concerns and issues, boundary setting, discipline as well as handling child behavioural problems. Not all parents have a support system or anyone trusted to discuss difficult situations with. Some individuals may not have any immediate family as support. Whatever the situation, which could be a particular issue or you simply the need to talk through issues seeing a qualified therapist can make assist with the challenges of parenting.

Managing Parental Stress

Being a parent can be extremely rewarding and also massively frustrating and stressful at the same times. There are constant pressures on parents to ensure the best for their child in terms of healthy emotional development, learning social skills and playing nicely with their peers as well as ensuring their good health and education. Many parents suffer from parental stress with common symptoms of feeling Irritable, exhaustion, anxiety and sometimes depression. Within this busy world it is crucial for parents to understand that they cannot always control their surrounding but they can alter the way they reaction to situations. Parental stress can be caused by setting yourself and your child high expectations which can lead to disappointment and frustration.

It is crucial for parents who feel overwhelmed to seek support in order to cope with a stressful situation or with handling and living with a disorder their child might have. Sadly, when it is common to withdraw from other when under stress and stressful situations cause a strain on relationships with your children and loved one.

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