Therapists specialising in Relational


Relational therapy is more of a general approach, rather than a specific therapeutic method. A therapist who takes a relational approach in their therapeutic practice highlights the importance of the way a client relates to others. Many people find themselves in therapy due, in some part, to the status of their relationships and relational therapy seeks to help the client understand that the way they interact with others can be a central motivation. Ultimately, a relational approach can help a client to create and maintain healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Relational theory is based on the premise that maintaining healthy relationships play a crucial role within human well-being and it suggests that if this connection is absent there may be resulting mental or emotional issues. This therapy primarily aims to tackle any relationship issues and to assist individuals with becoming better adapted to developing supportive and lasting relationships. During this form of therapy the therapist facilitates building of mutual empathy and authenticity which are tools believed to assist with reaching this goal.

This form of therapy can assist individuals who are finding that interpersonal experiences, relationships or the values of other, or themselves, are having a negative effect on their satisfaction and fulfillment as it can assist the individual with gaining insight and tackling a situation or relationship.


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