Therapists specialising in Family Conflict

Family Conflict

Even within very family relationships occasional conflict may occur from misunderstandings and miscommunications as well as a result of differing views or values. Although small disagreements are to be expected within any family, conflict which is continual can have long-term, negative effects. Family conflict can be caused by a wide range of issues can cause serious family conflicts such as financial issues, mental health issues, marital breakdown, the process of child birth and rearing, substance abuse and other life changes such as moving house.

Family therapy can assist with handling any serious family conflict causing stress or anger and can work to bring the family closer. Therapy can assist those involved to identify resolutions to conflicts and practical strategies for handling future conflicts. Family relationships are completely interconnected and so any change to one family member can cause an effect on other members. Although it can be difficult to organize all members to participate in counselling the process can be extremely useful for establishing new ways of coping with issues. Seeing a qualified therapist can assist communication between family members and help with finding resolution to conflicts and a way to ease a disrupted home-life.

Reasons for family conflict

There are many reasons a family might conflict such as with major disruptions related to separation, divorce or a new partnership, issues with step-parents, problems with adolescents or older children, children leaving home, unwanted pregnancy. Often there will be complex and unspoken rules within a family and these often cause misunderstanding and issues particularly in situations of changes. These changes may be due to many factors such as children becoming teenagers who wish to try new experiences in live or test boundaries. Other significant changes may relate to a parent becoming the main wage-earner or becoming unemployed.

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